About Us
About Us
Build next generation tools through partnerships with leading injection mold manufacturers. Since its establishment in 2019, mold tools and Engineering Co., Ltd. has been a reliable source of mold development and contract processing. During our time in the industry, we have grown from a five person workshop to a world-class organization with more than 600 employees. 100 employees. Our huge facility covers 87000 square feet, including a variety of CNC machines. We have a team of designers who use advanced engineering software to shorten turnaround time and improve the overall quality of the tools produced.
What We Do
Specializing in the production of all kinds of product molds and products, professional production and processing company.
New functions of mould
Our Equipment
New functions of mould The grinding accuracy, discharge accuracy and wire cutting accuracy of the mould processing equipment are 0.002mm, 0.005mm and 0.002mm respectively.
Our Projects
UNDER THE HOOD PARTS FOR AN AUTOMOTIVE CUSTOMER Mold department has Ju Gang high-speed CNC machining center, mirror spark machine, slow wire, quadratic element and other high-precision CNC mold processing and testing equipment.
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How do I get a refund by credit card or debit card?
You will receive your refund on the same card that you used to pay for your order. It usually takes around 3-20 business days for the money to arrive. For more information about the refund status, please check the order details page on our website.
What is Domestic Returns?
Domestic Returns is an extra return policy that sellers may choose to offer on AliExpress. Products which fall under this return policy can be returned to a warehouse in your own country as long as the items are unused and still in the original packaging.
I am having trouble opening a dispute. What should I do?
The Buyer Protection period may be overPlease note that you can open a dispute on the 11th day after seller has sent out your order and within 15 days of the order’s completion.